Drive UP In-Store Sales!

at-the-pump self-service tablet & app system for your customers while they get gas!

Introducing Siris

Siris is an outdoor, 10-inch tablet installed on the front of existing fuel dispensers the facilitates dynamic interaction with customers.
Foodservice Ordering
Customers tap in an order which is immediately sent to the kitchen inside the store and printed out on a thermal printer. Receipt of the order is sent to the customer via text. Payments can be made at the pump or inside the store.
Rewards Check-In
Members log in with a phone number or scan a barcode from an app or key fob. With an optional RFID tag attached to a vehicle, a fuel customer can check-in just by driving up to the dispenser.
Fuel Dispenser Control
Motorists touch the display to access and control the dispenser. Siris can be directly hardwired to the dispenser or indirectly through wireless communication via the cloud and back to the onsite POS controller.
Integrated Payments
For membership programs with integrated payments, Siris facilitates the purchase of food and fuel, no need for Apple Pay, EMV, Near Field Communication or other expensive and cumbersome payment method.

Opportunities for Customer Interaction.

The Tablet

Siris is a UL listed 10-inch tablet that quickly installs to the front of existing fuel dispensers. No need for costly new dispensers or upgrades, Siris is simple to upgrade and add features. Assembled with a strong aluminum frame and chemically strengthened glass, Siris is proven to withstand the outdoor environment. Siris has been field-tested for over 110 F and 80% humidity.
10" Touch Display
Linux OS
Barcode Reader
Beacon Reader
ico_lock Weatherproof &
ico_ul Gilbarco & Wayne
Fuel Dispensers

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Siris is offered exclusively by Signal Peak Designs, an innovations firm with years of experience developing technology programs for major petroleum and convenience store chains.

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